Jumaat, 28 Mac 2014



I dont know what should I say..I confused..

If I stay then I should stay without heart..I'm doing my work but they said I'm not.
They make me down..how could I work with that situation?
They blame if any bad things happen
Dont care about what they said?
The problem is they are my teammate.
How can I cooperate with them :-(

I know im woman..Im Malay..im Islam..

Is that any problem with that? Huh!!! Racist

But....if I go, I dont get any job yet
Im scared..I have commitment..5 months to go..
I need to work to prepare my big day..
Yes..my notice is 2 months..think positive 2 months I can get other job

But worst case scenario?

Allahuakbar..I need Your sign..I need Your help :-(

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